Winter Home Improvement Projects

There is about a month left of winter and depending on where you live, weather could be keeping you stuck inside. We usually think of the spring as being the typical time to work in the yard and on other aspects of the outside of your home and alternatively, winter can be an ideal time to get the interior of your home looking fresh and clean. Home improvement is a great way to stay active in the cold months as well as adding value to your home and creating a vibrant and healthy living space.

Painting – Brighten up your winter blues with a fresh, light color of paint. A new coat of paint or a new color can really lift the feel of an entire room. Winter is actually a great time for interior painting because of the dry weather and absence of humidity. Make sure it’s not raining so that you can crack your windows during the process.

Decluttering – I know, I know, your hallway closet hasn’t been cleaned out since you moved in but winter is truly the best time for decluttering! Don’t attempt to tackle your whole house in one weekend, pick an area to focus on each week and take your time with it.

Cleaning – Instead of waiting until sunny weather to do your spring-cleaning, start now! Put a little sweat into it and clear baseboards, window frames, windows and any other surface that may get neglected during normal cleaning sessions.

Repairing Spend some time repairing small things around the house such as faucet leaks and squeaky doors. Mold spots in the bathroom can cause allergies and other health problems; use a mixture of bleach and warm water to scrub them off, let it try and then repaint. Lastly, replace all your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries all at once to make sure optimal effectiveness.