Tips For Selling Your Home This Spring

iStock_000010759518MediumSpring Clean Your home

Arguably the most important step to make before showing your home to potential buyers is making it clean and fresh. And not just dusting and mopping; I mean really deep clean your home as well as organize. Wash the windows, dust blinds, wash the baseboards, and clean appliances. Don’t forget to de-clutter and organize too. Get rid of stacked magazines, piled up bills on the counter and magnets on the refrigerator. Think about packing away anything that aren’t essential in your daily routine, as an organized and clutter free house is more appealing to the buyer.

Home Improvements

This does not mean taking on a major renovation and spending a lot of money.  You can spend some time on minor repairs and improvements while still staying on a budget. A simple improvement could be swapping out old hardware with newer, up to date pieces. Another great thing you can do that isn’t costly is painting your front door.

Perform a Home Inspection

 Having a home inspection done before your house is even on the market is an extremely proactive step to take. Hopefully there won’t be any major issues, but any big or small problems that come up  will allow you to take care of it before a buyer comes along and is turned off from any issues that need to be addressed.

Curb Appeal

 Appearance is everything when buyers are looking at homes. Spending time making the front of your property good-looking is worth the time and money. Clean up your yard, get rid of any junk lying around and remove flags and cheesy garden trinkets.

Be Realistic on Pricing

 It is very important to set a realistic price on your home. Look at the other homes in your area that have recently sold and compare yours to theirs to find a price that will work. Trust and listen to your real estate agent when it comes to pricing, he or she will have the experience and knowledge to come up with the right price to sell your home quickly.