Market Snapshot for September 12, 2018

The visuals of these graphs are so interesting and illuminating and tell a story we all need to see if we are active participants in the Sonoma County real estate market.  We chose to highlight Sebastopol and Santa Rosa specifically because they represent a high (Sebastopol) and average (Santa Rosa) that gives a clearer picture of the overall marketplace. From the frenzy of the post-fire marketplace in Sonoma County to the relative ease that we see now in fall of 2018, it’s clear that our market is making a nice adjustment.  Nice because bubbles don’t work long-term.  And nice because it’s still a very strong market for Sellers and also for Buyers, who can proceed with a purchase knowing that their investment will almost surely have long-term rewards (predicted by some to gain another 4% in 2019.).  Finally, interest rates continue to be on the low side, especially when you look at them with a historical perspective of the last 20 years, so financing the American Dream at a price one can afford remains in reach for many.