Love of the Land

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On Thursday, July 18th I had the pleasure of attending the Love of the Land event hosted by the Sonoma County Farm Bureau. This particular event was organized to recognize and honor the Stewards of the Land, and it did just that.

The evening began with a wonderful reception in which Sonoma County wineries shared tastings of their award winning wines, and local restaurants served delicious hors d’oeuvres. This event, out of the many wonderful events that the Sonoma County Farm Bureau hosts, was especially near to my heart, as it inducted not only a cherished friend, but also a pioneer of Sonoma County Agriculture into the Farm Bureau Hall of Fame. This incredible woman, whom received a standing ovation upon just the mention of her name, is Saralee McClelland Kunde. Earning this distinctive place in Sonoma County’s history could not have happened to a more dedicated and enthusiastic leader.

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Saralee sets a stage for Sonoma County ranchers and winemakers, which conveys a high level of quality and class, all while setting a powerful example for Sonoma County’s youth; she also joins her husband, Richard Kunde, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008. They continue to nurture the future of Sonoma County’s agricultural prominence.

Aside from being an agricultural goddess, Saralee’s bravery shined as she calmly (and with a smile no-less) sat on her entry wagon while the two horses pulling it bucked rambunctiously!

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The evening ended with a beautiful sunset looking out over Saralee’s Vineyard and Richard’s Grove, a picturesque culmination of all that is to be cherished in this place that I call home. Congratulations, Saralee. This honor was very much deserved and Sonoma County would not be the same without you.