5 Ways To Help The Planet



Today marks Earth Day of 2015, another year to make changes in our daily routines to help our planet.  There are hundreds of ways you can make a difference but here is a list of 5 simple adjustments you can make right away!

  1. Changing Your Light Bulbs – Make the switch to compact florescent bulbs. If every household in the United Stated made this change, it would be the same as eliminating one million cars from the road.
  1. Meatless Monday – Eliminate your consumption of meat once a week to make a significantly positive impact on the planet AND your diet.
  1. Get Rid of Bottled Water – When not recycled, plastic water bottles take thousands of years to decompose. Purchase a reusable water container that you can refill over and over!
  1. Don’t Let The Water Run – Turn off the water while brushing your teeth! It may sound simple and insignificant, but you can save up to 5 gallons of water per day if you stop.
  1. Pay Bills Online – It’s an easy switch to view your statement and pay your bill from paper to online. If every household in the United States switched to electronic statements, it would save 18.5 million trees every year, 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste.