Unified Wine Industry & Grape Symposium 2013

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Last week was the annual Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, CA.  This symposium was started in 1995 by two established groups in the Wine industry, the American Society of Enology and Viticulture, and the California Association of Winegrape Growers, and has since become the largest wine and grape symposium in the nation!

This is where I go to get updated on all of the year’s current news and content that is hard to find elsewhere.  The best part is I get to hear it from the gurus of this industry, the people with inside information and predictions about what the future holds for grape growing and winemaking.

In sessions like “Foreign Investments within the U.S. Wine Industry” and “Investing in West Coast Vineyards” I was able to gather some great insight about what people are looking for in Sonoma County, and how I am able to bring those properties to the table.  The wine industry is not only an ever growing and developing industry, but getting the right vineyards, wineries and vineyard estates into the right hands is becoming the key.  We want to keep this growing industry afloat and it is refreshing to see some pretty impactful changes happening at the start of 2013 with these properties.

So, after some great lectures and plenty of handshakes, I was able to enjoy a delicious luncheon and walk through a set of exhibits with all of the latest wine technology, equipment, and wine gadgets.  The wide eyes and excitement of California’s acclaimed winegrowers was enough entertainment to last me the entire week.  Overall, this year’s Unified Symposium did not disappoint and I’m looking forward to a very fruitful year.