The Slow Pace of Wine Country

Nestled iSonoman the backyard of beautiful San Francisco is a place rich with history, wide-open spaces, access to over 300 wineries, and a transformative experience un-paralleled in the world. This place is the Sonoma Wine Country.
Sonoma County has grown tremendously in the past decade and is now at the forefront of any wine lover’s mind when thinking about California’s wine industry. In the past, people may have thought there were world-renowned wines and winemakers only in Napa. But ladies and gentleman, Sonoma has arrived. What makes Sonoma different than Napa? There are too many differences to list them all, so we’ll refer you to our classically regional Sunset Magazine to do just that. But what I can tell you from my 30+ years of living here is that Sonoma is relaxed, inviting and un-busy when compared with its chic, bustling neighbor Napa. I love Napa and its wine and its many winemakers. But there’s something to be said for Sonoma.
It’s been often said “no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy time.” But in Sonoma, that’s what you tend to find. Dubbed as America’s first slow city, Sonoma Valley’s restrained growth and passion for sustainable living has enabled it to join the Cittaslow movement. A place like this offers its visitors time to breathe, taste, smell, and enjoy experiences that promise a different kind of adventure.
I can only say so much about this beautiful place I get to call home. I encourage you to come visit. And if you love it so much you want to stay, real estate can be your brand new start to a life filled with as much happiness as is contained in a glass of Sonoma County wine.
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