The Barlow: A Charming Addition to Sebastopol

Barlow picture Frankie Norstad
In no time at all the quaint town of Sebastopol will welcome a new friend, The Barlow.  For months, the anticipation of what new explorations will come with the completion of The Barlow has been swirling around Sonoma County.  I have been pleasantly surprised to see the belief and commitment that small business entrepreneurs have in The Barlow. It is very refreshing to see how much time and energy these companies are putting into making The Barlow a success.

What was once just an idea, is now unveiling in front of the eyes of Sebastopol natives and Sonoma County locals alike.  That special something that draws people into any city around the world will now be present in Sebastopol, and it will be incentive for people to come and find a whole host of other great activities and places to explore.  In a fascinating way, The Barlow will connect Sebastopol to the rest of Sonoma County, and will be high on the list of towns people think of when thinking about the North Bay.  What differentiates The Barlow from many other projects of its kind, is that the companies that will eventually fill the space are ones that pride themselves on creating their own product, as opposed to filling the space entirely with standard manufactured outside goods.  Being a local of the town of Sebastopol, I can see that this speaks to the core and values of this town and the individuality that nestles here.  Local companies, including a bakery, brewery and wineries, have made the choice to reside here and begin or extend a long-term relationship with the city of Sebastopol, and it is an honor to be a part of it all.  

It will be exciting to watch the attraction to our small town of Sebastopol grow, as well as the businesses within it.  I feel that The Barlow will bring people to Sebastopol for all of the right reasons, and we will have the opportunity to showcase what a fantastic town it is.  Because of the close proximity of The Barlow to Sebastopol’s downtown core, I feel that there will be an amazing benefit to the wonderful shops, boutiques and eateries that natives already know and love.  The natural inclination to explore will take locals and visitors from one end of Sebastopol to the other, and everywhere in between!  

A little change will go a long way for the city of Sebastopol and I am very confident that we will see a shift in productivity throughout each and every local business that calls Sebastopol home.  I foresee my charming hometown of Sebastopol becoming a popular stop for travelers making their way through the North Bay, and for good reason.  Having so many wonderful new outlets to explore will guide people through the town, and may even encourage them to stay!  

If you are interested in the Sebastopol or Sonoma County area, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to show you around.  Perhaps we can start with a Cup of Jo from Taylor Maid Farms at The Barlow!


Image courtesy of Frankie Norstad 2013