Saddening News for a Local Landmark

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Our quaint, charming town of Sebastopol was hit with some saddening news on Saturday. Frizelle Enos Feeds, the town’s main Feed store and oldest established business in Sebastopol caught on fire and burned down. As a local of this town for over 30 years and a loyal customer of Frizelle Enos, I am speaking for our community when I say that it is such an unfortunate incident for the owners, friends, family and customers of the store. I am relieved to know that there were no injuries or harm done to the folks involved in the fire or to the animals in the building.

I want to thank the firefighters from Sebastopol, Gold Ridge, Cal Fire, Graton, Santa Rosa, Forestville and Rincon Valley that responded to this fire; these amazing firefighters worked tirelessly to put Saturday’s fire out, and contain the fire without further damage to the neighboring establishments.

My two daughters were active members of 4-H, the nation’s largest youth development program that focuses on building revolutionary opportunities and implementing community-wide change at an early age. Frizelle Enos has been a large part of our community’s local 4-H program and for that, my family, as well as our community will be forever grateful.

It is my sincerest hope that Frizelle Enos will reconstruct their store and therefore reinforce their history, positive influence and strength within the town of Sebastopol and West Sonoma County. This business can use all of the support that this town can give, and I have no doubt that the West County residents will be there.