New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners & Home Buyers

Whether you’re a homeowner or looking to buy your first home, 2105 is to set some New Year’s Resolutions!


  1. Boost Energy Efficiency

Start small with replacing your light bulbs with fluorescents for LEDs. Another way to save is with sealing and insulating your ductwork, which can improve the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system by 20%. Lastly, switch to installing energy star windows that can slice up to $350 off your fuel bills.

  1. Make extra mortgage payment

If you can swing it, try paying extra on your mortgage. If that seems daunting, just add extra money to your payment a few times throughout the year. This will help you save money in the long run.

  1. Raise your insurance score

The first step in raising your insurance score is to raise your credit score. Pay your bills on time, and get you credit card balances down to improve your score and in turn, lower your insurance premiums.

  1. General Maintenance

How long have you been putting off those home repairs on your “to do” list? Now is the time to take care of some of those. It’s also a good idea to do a walkthrough of your house and take note of any small things that could potentially become bigger problems in the future.

Home Buyers

  1. Keep track & raise your credit score

This is a no-brainer. Keep tabs on what your credit score is and stay on track with your bills as well as paying off your credit card balance.

  1. Shop around

Do your research on what your options are before applying for a mortgage. Talk with multiple lenders, covering a local lender, credit union, mortgage broker and an online broker. Collecting all of their information it will help you negotiate the best deal for you.

  1. Find the right agent for you

This will be a big, if not the biggest, purchase you will make in your life and it can be a little confusing and overwhelming. It is very important to find a real estate agent who you feel comfortable with and who can help lead you through the process

  1. Become organized

Purchasing a home requires quite a bit of preparation and your agent and lender will need a lot of paperwork from you before you go through with any transaction. Make sure to have all of your financials, employment records, assets and any other related paperwork ready.