Easy to Keep New Years Resolutions

It’s that time of year again, the New Year is upon us and it is the time when resolutions are being created.  Instead of holding yourself to the impossible, stick to a resolution you know you won’t break. These 5 New Years Resolutions are simple, easy to keep and great for the soul.  What one’s will you try for 2016?    


Bucket List

Are there things you have always imagined doing? Maybe it’s taking that backpacking trip with your kids, skydiving or learning how to speak another language? Well, 2016 is the time to start checking off those bucket list items! Life is too short not to experience everything you have always dreamed of doing in this life. 

Spend More Time Outdoors

This is an easy resolution, spend more time outside! Whether it’s walking to work, going for a picnic with your significant other or walking your dog, spending more time outdoors is a great way to stay active and helps with mental clarity.

Read More

Reading is a great way to learn more about a specific subject or to simply get lost in a completely different world. Books are a great way to stimulate your brain it keeps you mentally stimulated, reduces stress and improves focus and concentration.  One book a month doesn’t sound too daunting, there are always book clubs to help you stay on track!

Put the Phone Down

This is a great habit to tackle for the upcoming New Year. As a society we spend much of our day attached to our phone, answering calls, checking email, surfing social media sites…it’s about time to limit the amount of our day spent on checking and rechecking our phones. Set aside a time of day where you completely shut off your phone for an hour or delete those apps off of your phone that don’t contribute to your life in any way. You’ll feel freer and it will open up time for other opportunities.

 Cook a Different Recipe Every Week

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the recipes you cook at home, and how many recipe books does the average family own? I know that there are thousands of recipes sitting in my kitchen just waiting for me to try. Your family will love the new diversity and so will your taste buds!