News This Week: Eco-Friendly Living And Other Stories

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Admin


1. On Earth Day, Sotheby’s International released an article highlighting Treehouse Living in Washington State. “Nestled in a vibrant green rainforest, surrounded by enormous Doug fir trees and bordered by pristine Dabob Bay, this modern day treehouse has an amazing spirit,” says current owner Diana Rudolph. “It is an architectural treasure that sits gently on the forest floor nodding gracefully to its environment. As cliche as it may sound, every time we walk into this home our souls are renewed and the clutter of day-to-day life truly does disappear and we are left feeling extremely present and content in this small, undiscovered corner of western Washington. It’s a breath of fresh air.”  READ MORE

2. If you love the open water, check out this recent article about exquisite coastal properties on the market from New York to Monaco from Sotheby’s International.  “There’s a certain romanticism that comes from living in close quarters under the billowing sails of a seaworthy vessel, but even the most dedicated mariners know that sea legs get tired and smooth sailing is a lifelong practice. Setting out on adventures unknown pulls at the heart of any sailor, but every good seafarer needs to place to port.  A coastal property is, therefore, just the ticket for the nautically-inclined—a berth from which to watch the sun rise and set over smooth or rough waters; a lookout over ships passing in the night; a high-tide hideaway from which to observe red skies at night….”   READ MORE

3. The Press Democrat released an article this past Wednesday featuring the iconic Morning Star Ranch near Occidental selling for 2.5 million. “The starry-eyed Flower Children who once flocked to the Morning Star Ranch outside Occidental have long since gone their separate ways, the remnants of their experiment in communal living bulldozed by county work crews decades ago. But the land that supported their enthusiastic foray into cooperative, material-free existence endures — a slice of history and heaven in the redwood-studded hills of west Sonoma County. And it’s for sale, with an asking price of $2.5 million….”   READ MORE 

4. If you are curious about what’s happening in the local Real Estate economy, the North Bay Business Journal provides an in-depth analysis, claiming that the North Bay supply of new housing is not keeping up with demand… “The housing supply is lower, with the number of active listings dropping an average of 6 percent year to year and an average of 9 percent year to year in the last four months in Napa and Sonoma Counties respectively.”  READ MORE